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Bring history forward

Or pulling us into the past? Anyways, it's finally here, an NES emulator for the iPhone!!

In other news, here's some pics of my Mazda3. Her full name is iLova de Pantelonese. But you can call her Lova. Wanna take a ride in my Pantelonese?

I should be working but I already proved my awesomeness this morning by saving the day. Really I just tracked down the latency monster and slew him with my L337 skillZ!!!!!1111two

So anyways, what's new? I'm in Week 8 of classes, finals are Week 11, so I'm getting close. Still kicking my ass but my body is finally getting used to functioning on such little sleep so I don't feel exhausted all the time. After this quarter, only 1 more to go for my AA and then only 8 more to go for my Bachelor's.

Thinking about moving into an apartment. It's my new goal, still working on a timeline and budget for it, more to come later.

Getting the car was a huge goal of mine so I'm super excited about that. Coming up on my 90-day review for work, and its all good things so I'm super excited about that. Going to get to see Justin and Aimee at the beginning of September when they come out so I'm super excited about that. All in all things are going quite well, and yes, I'm super excited about that. Only wish I had a "special someone" to share all this excitement with. But it's cool, I'm doing my thang.

Untill next time, "If you would be loved, love and be lovable." -Thoreau

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