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Amazing weekend

Kristi's friend Kendra came down to visit so they, Marshall, and myself went out Friday night. Channelside included Margarita MaMa's, Banana Joe's, and Slingshots. I'd give more details but that's 3 days of drinking ago and I don't really remember. There was dancing and drinking and more dancing.

Saturday morning was spent watching movies (and napping). Saturday evening and afternoon Kristi, Kendra and I went to Projekt Revolution to see Linkin Park and others. It was pure amazingness. After the concert we went to Ybor and got ourselves VIP to Prana. Spent the night drinking and dancing on the roof under the city lights. Finished the night up with a little afterhours dancing at the Castle. When we got home we decided that more drinking and a movie was in order, Finding Nemo FTW!

Sunday all 4 of us headed out to the Pier for food and drinks with a view. Then spent the rest of the day on the beach, drinking and playing bocce ball. On the drive home we hit a wall of clouds and it started pouring. When we got home we ran around the parking lot in the rain in our swimwear, laughing and making a general ruckus. Then we dried off and watched some amazing standup while we sobered up and got ready for some good sleep before work this morning. And Kendra was leaving the next morning too. For whatever reason Kristi and I couldn't sleep so we stayed up and played with the builtin camera on her Mac making faces and playing with all the different effects.

So far I've felt like shit all day. Not hungover per say, but my stomach is killing me and only gets worse when I try to put food in it. Work was chill, promoted a domain controller and setup DNS on it. And here I am in class, wanting only to go home and lay in my own bed. But everything considered, it was def worth it! But man, I need a vaca from my weekend, a little breaky-break fo sho!

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