brandon_scott (brandon_scott) wrote,

So I'm sitting here in class with a few minutes to spare, and everyone else is posting so I guess I will too. Alots happened so here we go!

A couple weekends ago my brother and his fiance came out. I wish I could've spent more time with them but I had alot of fun when I did. We picked out tuxes for the wedding while my mom and Aimee did the dress thing. Talked about invitations and who'd be in the party and all those little details. Aimee's a sweetheart and I really do love her. She's already part of the family, now its just going to be official. I'm so happy for my brother. He deserves to be happy and now he is (esp. with his health and all)! And now I get to plan a bachelor's party and a Best Man's speech!

Last week I moved. I'm now in a little one-bedroom apartment. It ain't much but its all mine. This weekend Kristi and I are going to IKEA to get some stuff for it, try and make it a little more homey. I'll be putting out my new address soon, so look out for that. Keeping my cell and not getting a landline so now changes there. Lots of decorating to do! My bathroom is a masculine Victorian with brushed nickel hardware and a picture of various tophats. My bedroom is going to be Japanese influenced with simple furniture, clean lines, and clutter-free areas. The livingroom will be modern since most of my electronics are ending up there, I'll know more once I figure out what sofas I want. For the kitchen I'm thinking Tuscan style, but we'll see because I can't change countertops or backsplashes or anything like that so it'll just be whatever I can hang on the wall and place on the counters. Lots of boxes around right now, still working on unpacking. But so far I love it and I'm happy with my choice!

Bah, gotta go. More to come...

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