brandon_scott (brandon_scott) wrote,

1 am. Have to give three 1-hour presentations tomorrow. The first one at 9am (in 8 hours) I'm ready for. The second one I just finished and emailed for review before I present it at 11am (in 10 hours). The third one I present at 2pm (in 13 hours) and I haven't even begun it.

Well that's not entirely true. I had completed them all last week but then got chewed out for them not being good enough. I hope my boss has a contingency plan. F* the ace up the sleeve, I hope he has a presentation up there ready to whip out and go over with me just before I present it. Probably not. I'm screwed.

Its not that I'll be fired for this. It's that this is my first major failure here.

Anyways, I should sleep otherwise I'll be complete worthless for all 3 presentations.

I graduate tomorrow. Why don't I feel like celebrating?

Twelve more work days till California.

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