Feb. 26th, 2009 01:29 pm:
Alicia - Storm Watch '09

Ok, so maybe its not "up-to-the-minute" but I'm at work so give me a break. Anyways...

Straight from the source: (9:19AM PST)
"Hello arizona!"

Alicia has taken a turn for the north, the advisory along I-10 is no longer in effect. Although I-40 and Kingman, AZ is due to have a good time!

Lets check in with the B. Love Doppler 33,000** to see her progress as of 9:30AM PST! (Click the images to see full sized.)

Not too shabby for being just 5 hours into it.

Now lets go to our Eye In The Sky* to check out this sweet stop!

Who doesn't love a good truckstop and a tasty burger?

** B. Love Doppler 33,000 and Eye In The Sky actually Google Maps, copyright Google. (Don't sue me Google!)

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