Feb. 27th, 2009 03:12 pm:
Alicia Watch '09

Quick update, 2:01PM CST

I know I described Texas' weather for today pretty well, but who doesn't love a pretty picture? So now let's go to our sister company's cousin's father's second wife's hair stylist's domestic partner's red-headed stepchild, Weather.com**

So Alicia, what do you think of the lovely state you're in?

"Texas = zzz  flat and so boring. At least i found a good radio station and cheap gas" -Alicia, 2:15PM CST

"Only 400 left for today!" -Alicia, 2:18PM CST

We're assuming she's talking about miles.

...But she could be counting the number of pickup trucks she's expecting to pass.

** No actual affiliation with Weather.com

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