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Up And Coming

Take a good look at my layout because it's changing soon! I know, I'm excited too! I've sketched it out, calculated my pixel widths and hights, choosen the color scheme(s), and began the HTML coding.

Now I'm making the background images and banners, gotta love CS4! Also, I'm playing with facetypes (fonts) and creating icons/sprites/little GIFs for things like bullet points and whatnot. AND I'm starting to code the CSS as I figure out how big and and what color things are going to be.

The very last step will be to convert the HTML and CSS and write the LJ S2 code for it. It's been quite a few years since I've worked in S2 so I'll need to go back and relearn all of it, fun! Oh, and I'll need to upload all my images but that won't take long.

All in all I think you'll like. It's completely different than the "vintage" look that I have now and the red/white "ragged" look I've done in the past. This one is tech suave and more professional.

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