brandon_scott (brandon_scott) wrote,

Twitter Convo

This convo is too hilarious not to repost for prosperity! Thanks to @Beaker for initiating it!
I think we should have to show up to security conferences wearing sashes/vests like girl scouts with our certification/award patches on em

RT @andrewsmhay: @Beaker alright...but I'm not selling cookies. < You really shouldn't give me straightlines like that, you know... ;)

RT @jack_daniel: @Beaker I wear my A.S.S. hat, does that count? < Doesn't it always?

RT @jack_daniel: @andrewsmhay @Beaker OTOH, would that just give another source of "mine's bigger" competitions? < ABSOLUTELY! More cowbell!

What do you mean you don't have the 'I parse ROT-13 encoded, little-endian, Octal-base, IDS Alerts' badge!?' What a loser.

SECURITY FLAIR! If you have less than 27 pieces you must be a newbie. Or a CISSP. HA!

In terms of security merit badges, the "penetration tester" badge might be hard to explain at parties.

Security Flair/Merit Badges: I'm all about security innovation. Perhaps we can have the kids @HacKidCon design them!

RT @andrewsmhay: RT @Beaker The "penetration tester" badge might be hard to explain at parties < wear on the front of sash, never on the back

RT @rmogull: @Beaker I'd have an awfully empty sash- unless you count all those random medical/rescue certs

RT @rmogull Let's see. I don't have any security certs, my degree is in history, and my presentations usually count as continuing ed credits

Don't worry @rmogull...we'll have a separate badge for analysts. You'll like it. It's just like the Joker's insignia...a giant ? mark ;)

You people and your cynicism! I can't believe you're trying to quash my innovative security concept. THIS is why people hate our industry!

Speaking of which, you should see what you have to do to earn the "I survived @samj" security merit badge. I'm still itchy.

RT @mortman: @Beaker You just need to make up hoffacino badges then everyone will get a sash < did you mean rash?

Oh, right...@rmogull...I didn't mean 'Joker,' I meant 'Riddler.' Both are, however, strangely applicable in your case. (/ht @cji)

Thank you, Microsoft for the MVP Award & VMware for the vExpert. 'twas rude of me not to say so earlier (& now I have more merit FLAIR!)

How'd you like the way I slipped that in there? Pretty crafty, right? ;)

@davidoberry You asked "Who is behind @HacKidCon?" < I dunno. It's a fantastic idea, however. Perhaps I shall get involved!

I wonder how many merit badges LIGATT would have on his sash?

RT @grey_area: @Beaker what's the badge for internal security? coffee cup and beer bottle? < cyanide pill

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