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Welcome To My Guestbook!

Guestbook Started Tuesday, 11 March 2004.

Howdy all. If you've found this, drop a note and say hello. Odds are I'll know you, because I tend to tell nearly everyone about my LiveJournal, it's kind of my new hobby. But if you're just dropping in unannounced, tell me about yourself and how you found my journal. I'm always curious to meet new people!

That's Frank up there (the LiveJournal mascot). He keeps out anyone who's not on my friends list. But don't worry, he's mostly harmless... mostly...

If you have a LiveJournal account, login and use it to comment here, that way I can add you to my friends list. However, please note that they will be automatically screened by myself. I will unscreen them once I have read them and make sure they're up to USDA standards.

That being said, feel free to use this as a means of contacting me, or asking me any questions you may have. Where I got an icon, why you think a web page is cool, or how I got an aspect of my LiveJournal to look the way it does. Make yourself at home, and comment away!

Skinny Pal
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